Meet Sylvia

Sylvia is our second crohnnie from Sydney, Australia. She is a new ‘dog mum’ to Gracie May, so dealing with Crohn’s and a puppy can be a challenging task. Over the last 20 years in battling Crohn’s, she has been through 4 different surgeries. Currently, her drugs of choice are Imuran and Stilara. Sylvia is currently “recovering from a recent resection surgery and adapting once … Continue reading Meet Sylvia

Meet Mathelde

Mathelde has been struggling with Crohn’s for over 30 years now. She has had so many surgeries that she actually lost count of them and lives with an ostomy bag. Even with all of the surgeries and ostomy, she still hasn’t experienced remission from Crohn’s. Her drugs of choice right now is Budesonide, Omeprazole, and Linzess. Even though Mathelde has had Crohn’s for basically as … Continue reading Meet Mathelde

Meet Richelle

Richelle is a busy mom/step-mom to 2 growing teenagers. Speaking from experience, Crohn’s and teenagers can lead to a busy life. Richelle has been battling Crohn’s for 4 years now and has had 2 surgeries thus far. We hope that is all she will have to go through. Richelle’s drugs of choice are Remicade, immodium, Lomotil, and a probiotic. With that drug combination, she has … Continue reading Meet Richelle