Indy Monumental Recap

I am riding that PR high after the Indy Monumental this weekend. It was an amazing cool day. I came into the race with an “A Goal” of 1:47 and change which would have been a 2 minute PR. Through mile 8, I was running in the low 8s consistently, heart rate in the 140s and knew I had more to give. I took it up a notch and ran a 7:50, then was in the 7:30s for 2 miles in a row. I saw the 1:45 pace group at about mile 11 and knew I had it in me to catch them. I took it up even faster thinking that 1:45 was in the cards. I blew past that group and in the last mile, knowing there was a chance to be in the 1:44s as I was looking at my watch and doing the runners math in my head. I took the last turn and saw the finish line, glanced at my watch and saw 1:43 and change, dug deep and went all out in a sprint to the finish. The last .10 mile was at a 6:05 pace.

1:45 wasn’t even on the radar on Saturday and 1:44 was never a thought. Goes to show, if you dig deeper than you ever thought you can, you can get through the pain and accomplish anything. Final time – 1:44.08 (a 4:44 PR)



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