Updates and Training

Photo from run 6/22

It’s been a while since my last post. The last month and a half have been pretty tough on the running front. After the RnR Marathon in Nashville, I went to the Ortho. I ended up having X-rays and and MRI done on my knee. Come to find out, my knee issues was a result of IT Band Syndrome. I started physical therapy almost immediately, with no running on the roadmap. It was a brutal 4 weeks of scraping and strength training to make my legs and core stronger. If you won’t know what scraping is, you can check it out here. It is super painful.  Well, it worked. Six weeks in, I got the clearance to run 2-3 miles. It felt so good to get out and hit the pavement again. I would have some pains here and there, but was able to get through the runs. May was a total of just under 16 miles. 

Since then, I have continued to build my mileage up, and as of today, I am at 42 miles for the month and having some of the strongest runs/times I have ever had. (You can see all of my runs here.) This is perfect timing as I am starting my next training cycle for the Marine Corps Marathon. During that cycle, I do have 2 races planned which is part of the RnR Series. I will be running the 5k and half marathon in Chicago towards the end of July. I’m looking forward to Chicago as I have a couple of friends that will be running it as well and has been fun following them training on Strava.

On the Crohn’s front, I have been staying healthy. I did have a schedule colonoscopy and CT Scan in May and everything came back with no inflammation or active disease. This was a blessing as there has been a lot going on in the personal life area. The Humira seems to be still doing it’s thing so no changes on the medication front.


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