Meet Sterlyng

36002486_2151154235114759_1235400884033159168_nSterlyng is a busy mom of one from South Dakota and has been battling Crohn’s for about 2 years. She has had one surgery and it was a laparoscopic resection. (I believe this is the first time I have heard this.) This would eliminate the standard 8-10 week recovery time for a standard procedure.

Steerlyng hasn’t been in remission, is currently her drug of choice is Remicade and seems to be keeping things under control for the most part.

Like many others, just functioning and getting through the day is a daily challenge as she is fighting fatigue every day. This is a common theme I am hearing from so many of my crohnnies.

She, like so many others feel the same with having the pain that no one can see, but something that all of us that deal with Crohn’s can definitely feel all the time while in a flare.

The one thing that scares her like most people that deal with Crohn’s is getting to the point of sickness where you will need more surgeries or accomplishing dreams. I think back on my surgeries and you always think the worst when you sign off on all of the paperwork. “Will this be the last time I will see my kids or loved ones?”

Crohn’s can hold you back from doing things in life, not only physically, but financially as well. Things like going on trips or even going back to school can be put on hold just due to the financial hardship so many go through in dealing with Crohn’s.

It is Sterlyng I run for.

Want to help find a cure? Please help me get to my new goal of $2500 and support me and my ‘crohnnies’ help find a cure and run this marathon together.

You can donate here in support the CCFA.

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