Meet Gabrielle

20180608_164557Gabrielle from North Carolina has had Crohn’s for 10 years now. Her 10 month old baby keeps her busy along with dealing with her Crohn’s on a daily basis. She has been fortunate in not having any surgeries and has been able to control her Crohn’s with medications like Entyvio and Immuran.

Gabrielle has a fear like all of us Crohnnies and that is the fear of a medication to stop working. Entviyo has been good to her in keeping things under control, but there is always that fear. She has had success with drugs like Remicade and Humira just to name a few and then they stop working. I have been on a lot of different medications and then out of the blue, it will stop working and all of a sudden, you find yourself in the hospital getting IV drugs, iron transfusions, or blood transfusions.

Crohn’s is a silent disease, meaning, we may look healthy, but we really aren’t. We all learn to just deal with it and power through the day like nothing is wrong. We learn to deal with the pains and being exhausted.  Working with Crohn’s is a whole trial in itself. With it being a silent disease, we may feel horrible and need to call in sick, but sometimes bosses just don’t understand your symptoms or what comes with Crohn’s. We will sometimes feel bad about calling in sick and just ask for those bosses to understand what we go through.

Gabrielle is just one more person I run for.

Want to help find a cure? Please help me get to my new goal of $2500 and support me and my ‘crohnnies’ help find a cure and run this marathon together.

You can donate here in support the CCFA.

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