12 Things People with Chronic Illness Feel Guilty About

Depression is a real thing when it comes to Crohn’s Disease, or any Chronic Illness for that matter. I came across this video and there is a lot of truth to it on what we battle with and will feel guilty about when we are in a flare with our disease.

  1. Guilt for always being tired
  2. Guilt for always being in pain
  3. Guilt for not doing the things that I should be doing
  4. Guilt for not being the parent I used to be
  5. Guilt for not being the same person I was
  6. Guilt for having to ask for help
  7. Guilt for having to cancel plans
  8. Guilt that I rely on others so much
  9. Guilt that I am no longer enough for anyone
  10. Guilt of watching my partner have to do it all because I can’t even work
  11. Guilt of feeling like I am completely useless
  12. Guilt over how much I feel that I am a burden to the people around me

Having Crohn’s for 35+ years, I have been in that state of mind at one point in my life and all of the above really hit home for me. Something that we all of to do as we deal with our illnesses, we have to keep our head up no matter how much we get down. I think back to my worst point when I was needing 20+ blood transfusions in one year, I was really down in the dumps. I would get the call from the doctor, “we have to have you come in for another transfusion” was like a ton of bricks coming down on me. I wanted to stay positive, and I think I did a pretty good job of it, but I really battled internally with this.

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