June Recap, Birthday Month and More

June was by far my most miles ran and it’s only going to get to be more this month. This month, I ended up with 120.3 miles! (That’s almost 35 miles more than last month.) July will be similar miles and August is where I will top out my milage. There were a lot of wins this month:

  • Fastest 10 mile run at 1:33.17
  • Longest run – 11.5 miles (burning 1800 calories!) – This was in 96% humidity and 75 degrees
  • I had a few segments where I had a PR as well (Strava will keep track of different areas you run the same routes)

One thing that I have learned to appreciate is sunrises. We are early on in summer, and I have to get out before 6am every day I run to ‘beat the heat.’ Here’s just a few photos I captured while out in the early mornings.

The other thing that I have learned to appreciate is my health. Right now, Crohn’s wise, I am feeling the best I have ever felt. As I have learned about people fighting this awful disease, I learned that even though I have had my struggles over the years, I have a pretty ‘mild case.’ My doctors have always said that, even when I have had active disease, and I am realizing this more and more as I learn about others that I am running for.

Lastly, it’s my birthday month! On Facebook, you can raise money for different charities like CCFA, but it won’t attach to my fundraising for my marathon in October. I would love to shatter my $2500 goal.

Please consider a small donation, even if it’s $5. It will all be going towards finding a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis. You can donate here in support the CCFA and my run in Chicago.


One thought on “June Recap, Birthday Month and More

  1. Awesome blog this month, Jim. I’m really proud of your discipline and determination. But mostly, I’m so thankful that you are feeling so well.

    Love you.

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