Trials with Crohns

BariumThree years ago, I was in the hospital drinking barium, one of the all-time worst drinks ever. Several hours later, I was in a surgeon’s office going over results and he was unsure of himself of doing a surgery. At least he was honest in what he thought he could and couldn’t do. When he said he was unsure of his capabilities, I knew it couldn’t be good if a surgeon says I am unsure if I can do this. Here I am looking at my third surgery that sounded complicated.

I went on to the next appointment with another surgeon and she was confident in what she was able to do. I felt good with her since she had done a smaller procedure for me in the past. We were looking at surgery in a couple days. I went back to work to let them know what the status was and I was blessed to have an employer that knew the struggles I encountered with my disease over the years. We had set things up to where I was able to work remote after the surgery and sent in daily activities so I wouldn’t take a big hit in income.

This is just one more piece of the marathon of life with Crohn’s. You never know when the disease will show up and know if you can treat it with meds or surgery. I know a lot of ‘Crohnnies’ that have been through 10+ surgeries with their marathon. I am running for them as I have been blessed with only having to do this 3 times.

In order to run the Chicago Marathon, I must raise at lease $1500 for CCFA. You can support me and also help raise money for research to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease. I would be grateful for your financial support.

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