Humira pen

Shot for the night

Humira pen

When you hear let’s do a shot, you normally don’t think of a needle. This is my reality (and a lot of other Crohn’s patients) every other week though and something that I have learned to deal with for the last 12ish years being on Humira. Even though this drug can have some harsh side effects, I still do it. It is my wonder drug and keeps me well.

Yes, I have had a few flairs being on it, but for the most part, it has been my go-to drug. The 5-7 seconds of stinging of it going it is so worth it to me. Without it, who knows where I would be health-wise.

Drugs like these give me the opportunity to work out and run and feel good doing it. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

This has been a great week of running. Have felt good every day and getting a little better with my times as well. I ran 18 miles Monday through Saturday and am at the same mile time when I ran my last 10k in October 2016. It will only get better and can’t complain after being back at it after taking 6 months off from running.

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In order to mark this marathon this year off my bucket list, I have to raise $1500, all of which will benefit research to find a cure for this incurable disease. You can help support the cause here I am 55% there!

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